The Group is currently establishing its distribution capability in the form of a global agency network where entreprenaurs and business people can become licensed to market its boutique range of business-related corporate services to the global business sector.  The Group wishes to appoint the following licensed Agents, Affiliates and Partners to market its exceptional range of products and services to the global market-place.

Country Licensees
Regional Licensees
Master Agents
JV Partner (Digital Marketing)
Affiliates (Referral Marketing)


All Agents will be managed and supported by FICSGlobal's Business Administration and Management Platform (MYBAMP).  The license type and certification level will determine what products and services an agent will qualify to be licensed to market, and at what level.  Agents who qualify may also pay a premium and acquire a branded White Label which will allow them to market the MYBAMP application and create a subscriber network to generate passive recurrent income.