Globalisation has drastically increased the demand for the systematic end-to-end integration of business related services with globally applicable business solutions. 


The Group specialises in the creation, development, design, implementation and delivery of a boutique suite of value-added, end-to-end, state-of-the-art business applications and solutions delivered through its exceptional cloud-based Business Administration & Management Platform (MYBAMP).


MYBAMP is an ERP application which integrates with a uniquely diverse range of FinTech Analytics, Corporate Governance and value-added Corporate Services which have been systematically developed to maximise global business efficiency; offering SMEs and/or large corporate enterprise a significant leading edge outside of the mainstream business services and solutions available in the market.  


The Group offers the following range of specialised Corporate Services, FinTech Analytics and Technology related consulting services, delivered through its cloud-based MYBAMP (ERP) to its global clientele:

FICSGlobal Corporate Services –

Business and Corporate Structuring
Asset Protection & Securitisation
Risk Management & SWOT Analysis
Specialised Trust Structuring
Maximising Tax Efficiency
Insolvency Issues & Debtor Securitisation
Specialised Trustee Services

FinTech Financial Centre –

FinTech Analytics
Business Administration & Management (ERP)
Corporate Governance Management
Financial Diagnosis (Business Analysis)
FICSGlobal OMEGA Analytics
Business Banking
Network & Distribution Management

Offshore Development Centre (ODC) –

Customised Enterprise Applications (ERP)
Data Analytics & Blockchain Technology
Customised Workflow Applications (business)
Website CMS Management
Industrial Automation & IoT (Internet of Things)
Staff Augmentation & Back Office Support
Virtual & Augmented Reality

Fiducial Group's Mission


Our Group’s Mission is to maximise the financial efficiency of businesses through access to a fully integrated Financial Centre which delivers a unique array of cutting edge applications and value-added corporate services, financial options, corporate governance, global business applications and banking solutions; all delivered under the FICSGlobal Banner.