FinTech Analytics

The Group's corporate services are supported and underpinned by FICSGlobal's cutting-edge FinTech capability, namely:

it's Business Administration & Management Platform (MYBAMP), it's OMEGA Analytics Platform and it's Corporate Governance Management Platform; all of which are underpinned by our Indian Development Centre which focuses on financial analytics, financial diagnosis of business, blockchain technology and security, business banking, data analytics, industrial automation, customised enterprise applications (ERPs) and work-flow management systems.


* OMEGA Analytics provides the business person with pesonalised analysis of their current financial position, identifies potential problems and profiles the necessary financial facets required to process a successful mortgage application through any mainstream bank.


* Financial Diagnosis focusses on providing the business owner with a 24/7 financial analysis of the business, summarised to present an informed financial update of the businesse's financial position and ongoing commercial viability. Financial Diagnosis identifies savings available in interest, debt period, cash-flow and tax; allowing for the introduction of effective debt reduction strategies and/or business loan facilitation; freeing up cash-flow for business expansion and/or investment.


Corporate Services

The Group specialises in the creation, development, design, implementation and delivery of a boutique range of value-added corporate services; inclusive of: 

* Corporate Consulting; * SWOT & Risk Management Analysis; * Business Structuring; * Asset Protection; * Financial Consulting; * Asset Securitisation; * Financial Diagnosis;  ..... systematically developed to maximise global business efficiency. 


The integration of corporate services, business administration, fintech analytics, tchnology consulting, business banking, customsed ERP's and work-flow management solutions provide the business owner and/or enterprise with a unique scalable operational platform, developed with a global reach.  The Group's cloud based platforms are secured by dedicated servers and technical partners located in Germany.


The end result provides business and/or enterprise users with an outstanding fully integrated business administration and management platform which delivers an exceptional range of business solutions that capture every facet of day to day operational requirements; delivering the customised boutique professional services necessary to maximise business efficiency.


Globalisation has dramatically magnified the need for the systematic integration of business services with globally applicable banking solutions. FICSGlobal can provide securely structured business banking solutions which offer its clients truly flexible cross border banking alternatives; a highly specialised service with a significant leading edge compared to everyday mainstream banking. 


Most businesses start out quite small without giving any serious thought to their future long term requirements and quickly outgrow their initial structures (or the lack thereof) only to find self imposed (and quite often self defeating) limitations which adversely affect them.  Any business requires a solid structural foundation which protects it from the courts, litigious attack, government sponsored litigation, unnecessary tax impost and the constant threat of detrimental changes in government legislation, if it is going to maximise its financial efficiency and succeed in the long term. 


FICSGlobal conducts Risk-Management SWOT Analysis to identifiy potential problems or future threats, and implements the necessary structures required to demonstrate the transparent commercial business transactions; which maximise both financial efficiency and business security.   More specifically, FICSGlobal also targets current exposure to both the business and it's officers; researches the solution and implements the relevant corporate/business structures necessary to provide securitised asset protection mechanisms capable of withstanding commercial litigation, litigious personal attack on it's officers, internal conflict, legislative changes and/or dubious government compliance. 


Financial Centre

FICSGlobal offers a diverse range of outstanding value-added digital and data services, a superb array of technology services, including the addition of FinTech Analytics; anchored by private blockchain security. The FICSGlobal Financial Centre has been designed to offer its clients truly inter-jurisdictional business options to provide a flexible global alternative for implementing cross-border financial solutions.



Technology Services

FICSGlobal specialises in the development of customised work-flow management systems inclusive of the creation, design, development, and/or implementation of end-to-end business solutions; delivering cutting-edge customisation for optimum flexibility and scalability; all designed to maximise business operations and financial efficiency.


* Business Administration & Management Platform (MYBAMP) is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application which has been commissioned to provide a fully integrated end-to-end operational business solution, suitable for almost any type of SME or corporate enterprise. MYBAMP APIs with FICSGlobal's other platform applications; to manage and administer all the operational facets of a business; and provide remote support for a global distribution and/or a agency network.  


MYBAMP encompasses the entire business operations including accounting and finance, dashboard and organisers, communication, sales, purchasing, products and services, inventory and warehousing, human resources/payroll and network distribution management; and includes a fully integrated customer relationship management system (CRM) to report all levels of distribution and/or sales agent activity, online transactions, website and social media related activity.


MYBAMP can be activated on a 'user subscription basis' or it can be licensed as a branded White Label Solution; whereby a control panel provides permission level access for the duly authorised 'White Label Operator' and authorised corporate admin users/staff members who input and report all functions/facets of business operations.  Each Subscription is designed to provide the administration and support for one operating business with multiple users; a group operating more than one business would run multiple MYBAMP applications which would be consolidated to report to a holding entity.  In the case of an Agency Network, the Head Licensee can monitor all agent activity; thereby allowing it to effectively manage it's agecy network, remotely.


* Corporate Governance Management System (CGMS) is a stand alone module, which can be API accessible through MYBAMP. CGMS provides the user with the ability to manage its corporate governance either at a basic document level, or, at a more advanced database level. The system manages the original corporate data input fields as they are stored within the database architecture and then mined to populate legal documents in it's Document Management System (DMS), which has a specially designed searchable storage componentry, and also provides for the storeage of any legal or knowledge-based document.


The DMS module has been designed so that it can auto-populate any corporate management data field into pre-linked document templates to allow for the dynamic production of fully populated legal documentation. Documents are initially loaded into a document library which provides a specialised storage facility from where document templates are created which link to the database architecture. Client information can then be seamlessly automated into a document or set of documents within seconds; and posted / stored / filed / edited / reviewed; or delivered pier to pier.  A basic Document Management module is also available in MYBAMP to provide basic document filing and storage capability for the less sophisticated business user.