We structure our businesses around the needs of our customers and strive to provide services which are essential to our client's growth which will maximise financial efficiency through savings in operational costs and staff time; and which will provide significant quality advantages in terms of the end user experience. FICSGlobal is committed to creative, innovative approaches that lead to breakthrough performance in the delivery of its corporate consulting and IT solutions business.


Corporate Governance Management Platform

Financial Diagnosis of Business

Data Analytics & Blockchain Technology

Industrial Automation & IoT (Internet of Things)

Enterprise Applications (ERP)

Customised Work-Flow Management Systems



FICSGlobal Platform is a fully integrated Business Administration and Management Platform designed to maximise global business flexibility and financial efficiency.ed

FICSGlobal Corporate Services

FICSGlobal conducts risk-management analysis to identify current problems and future threats and implements the relevant structures necessary to maximise financial efficiency and business security.

Technology Services

The BTS offshore Development Centre offers it's business clients a powerful array of customised business and IT solutions which are designed to maximise business efficiency.