Our Group’s Mission is to maximise the financial efficiency of businesses through access to a fully integrated Financial Centre which delivers a unique array of value-added corporate services, financial options, corporate governance and global business solutions; all of which are delivered under the FICSGlobal Banner.


Business Administration & Management

Corporate & Financial Consulting

Business & Corporate Structuring

Asset Protection & Securitisation of Assets

FinTech Analytics & Blockchain Technology

Enterprise Application Development (ERPs)

Corporate Governance Management System

Industrial Automation  |  IoT  |  A.I.


Business Administration

FICSGlobal offers a fully integrated Business Administration & Management Platform (MYBAMP) designed to maximise the operational flexibility and financial efficiency of business.

Corporate Services

FICSGlobal identifies current problems and future threats and implements the relevant structures as necessary to protect and securitise assets, and maximise business efficiency.

Technology Services

FICSGlobal's Indian Development Centre specialises in FinTech Analytics and offers a powerful array of customised solutions, designed to maximise global operational efficiency.